How to Deal with TurboTax E-file Rejection Error 2022?

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How to Deal with TurboTax E-file Rejection Error 2022?

Turbo Tax has changed the tax filing process worldwide with its smooth functionality. However, it can be very challenging if you face situations like e-file rejection errors. Also, it can be a hindrance to recover TurboTax Corrupted Files.

You can correct your e-file rejections in up to 10 days and resubmit your file for a smooth tax filing process.

Fortunately, there are different methods to undo the TurboTax E-file Rejection Error using several methods you will know in this blog.

Methods to correct the TurboTax  e-file rejection errors:

A basic understanding of the type of error is essential to undo the e-file rejection. Many types of errors in your e-file can lead to rejection. The errors are determined using specific codes; you may wonder what is TurboTax Error 36? The IRS will give the error codes in your rejection report for you to correct your e-file.

The following is the list of standard error codes that can lead to e-file rejections:

Error codes IND-031, IND-032, 0679, or 0680.

These error codes occur when there is a challenge for the system to identify one or both taxpayers.

  • You can fix these error codes by submitting your e-file PIN or your Adjusted Gross Income from last year.
  • You must submit a request for an e-filing PIN; once you receive that you can enter the PIN into the e-filing software, and resubmit your return for further review.

Error Code 0504

  • Error 504 is a prevalent issue while claiming a dependent.
  • If there is no match between the dependent’s social security number and last name on the file with the Social Security Administration, your return will be rejected by IRS.
  • The ideal solution for this type of error is to review the spelling on the Social Security card and resubmit after making all the necessary changes.

Error Codes 0502, FW2-502 or FW2G-502

  • All the above error codes denote a problem matching information from your W-2 to information on record with the IRS.
  • While e-filing, when you make a mistake with the EIN or a typo with the EIN on your W-2, IRS might reject your e-file return.
  • Hence, the ideal solution is to thoroughly check the Employer’s name and the EIN spelling and spelling out abbreviations.
  • Avoid all typos and spelling mistakes to fix the e-file rejection.

Error Code 0522

  • If you entered the wrong date of birth, you would fall under error code 0522.
  • Your birth date and Social Security number should match. Otherwise, the return will be rejected by IRS.
  • The solution is correctly entering your date of birth and resolving the error to a smooth e-filing process.

Error Codes 0507 or R0000-507-01

  • If you receive these error codes in your rejection report, it means that the dependent’s Social Security number has already been claimed.
  • Firstly, you must ensure that the Social Security number is correct; you can easily make typos while filing.
  • If you don’t have any typos, you must contact the IRS to check who has claimed your dependent.

You can proceed according to the response you receive from the above step to avoid the TurboTax E-file Rejection Error 2022. Or you can contact TurboTax Live person to get instant help.

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