Carry Yours With You

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Carry Yours With You

Studio sessions are a lot of fun, especially when you’re just getting into professional recording. Because of the excitement and unfamiliar surroundings, it is sometimes difficult to get used to unfamiliar surroundings. In this article, will explain why you can simply solve the problem by taking your own headphones into the studio.

First, let’s clarify why it makes sense to take your own headphones with you. In every studio there are enough boxes and headphones to choose from, which can be even more expensive and better, but … It’s very simple: in case you didn’t already know this, the answer is: not all speakers sound the same. Every pair of studio speakers and headphones has certain frequencies that stand out more than others. Therefore, if you listen to the same signal or song on different headphones, you may have a completely different experience.

If you always record and sing your demos with the same headphones, you have a distinct advantage in the studio when you have your own. The more often you have heard yourself in certain headphones and with a certain microphone, the better you can appreciate the sound of your own voice or instrument on it. The ear gets used to the sound in the headphones, especially if you use them a lot, and to how accurately you yourself perceive the sound and performance. With third-party headphones, it may happen that you can no longer judge the subtleties of your singing or instrumental playing so well due to the altered sound, and performance will eventually suffer as a result.

Sometimes the problem is that on unfamiliar studio monitors or headphones it’s hard to judge whether your song sounds good or not, because you don’t know them at all. For example, you can be fooled by the strong bass and great highs on expensive speakers and think your voice is of good quality. However, you may be distracted by other frequency issues. This situation is possible if you listen to your rough mixes at home, in your own headphones, but in the studio on professional equipment everything sounds completely different. This is why, if you know your speakers or headphones well, you can judge how your recordings sound much better than regular “demo sounds” without being fooled by unfamiliar surroundings. And this, in turn, will allow you to detect and solve any problems with the sound even before the end of the session in the studio.

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Choosing a microphone is a separate issue that requires attention. Each voice sounds different, so it requires a microphone that best reveals the strengths and qualities of that voice. “Metal” singers, for example, often don’t sound particularly good through expensive, high-sensitivity condenser microphones. At the same time, the dynamic voices of singers usually benefit from the detailed and accurate reproduction of such microphones. By the way, if you are used to a certain combination of microphone and headphones, and only the microphone changes in the studio, then it is easier for you to determine whether the microphone is suitable and whether it is the cause of sound problems.

Of great importance is such a factor as comfort when recording. This is especially important for the first time in a large studio. The environment itself can be stressful and even scary. And the presence of your own, so familiar and familiar, headphones may well become the very “soothing” one that will help you tune in to work and not be nervous.


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