Your Guide to Understanding Procore

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Your Guide to Understanding Procore

Procore is a comprehensive project management software tool for the construction industry. This cloud-based software solution helps construction companies manage every aspect of a project, from materials, costs, safety, performance, and schedules to quality control.


This blog will explain Procore’s functionality and how your company can benefit from adopting this software package.

Key Functions of Procore

Procore is a cloud-based platform that works both remotely and in the office. The centralized dashboard makes it easy to collect and manage data concerning all aspects of a construction project.


Procore manages the many tasks that construction firms must complete before groundbreaking. These tasks include making plans and designs, creating bids and RFIs, and budgeting for an entire project.

Managing Projects

Procore allows personnel at the job site and office to collaborate using shared data. Every team member accesses the same fully updated information, eliminating confusion caused by multiple document versions.


Procore keeps track of the project’s specifications, tasks, documents, assignments, and scheduling. Employees can spot potential problems and bottlenecks and adapt their processes accordingly. The Procore platform also provides an integrated timecard function to track employees’ hours spent on different projects.


Employees in all function areas can access budget and cost data in the field, providing one-stop convenience. They can manage and forecast financials using up-to-the-minute data.


Procore works with popular accounting and estimation platforms to prepare data for real-world use. On-site managers can immediately document changing conditions, track extra work, and adapt billing accordingly.


Procore also manages invoices, allowing construction companies to receive prompt payments. The software makes report creation easy.


Benefits of Procore

Procore Integration

Procore designed its flagship product to integrate seamlessly with many popular software solutions, such as QuickBooks, NetSuite, Workday, XERO, and MYOB Advanced Construction.

Creates Transparency

Since everyone accesses the same information through the cloud, team members stay on the same page.

Enhances Teamwork

Collaborators like contractors, engineers, and architects can share Procore data, keeping projects moving and eliminating roadblocks.

Better Client Communication

When clients need to know the status of their project, Procore makes it easy to share images, reports, and cost data. Fast and accurate information leads to happier clients and more repeat business.

Saves Time and Money

Trying to balance multiple construction software platforms is more than a full-time job. With Procore, all of your important data is in one place. Procore can help you reduce costs through thoughtful management, ensuring you receive fair client compensation.

Upgrading Your Construction Business With Procore

Construction firms of all sizes stand to benefit from Procore’s powerful capabilities. Staying well-informed, organized, and on budget has never been easier.


We are Certified Procore Consultants. We can help your company take advantage of Procore’s capabilities and create a more efficient workflow. We can help you manage and analyze the data you use each day, from budgets to scheduling. We will leverage Procore’s advanced features to help you create workflows and custom reports that provide more useful information than the default templates alone.


If your company struggles with data integration and staying abreast of changing business conditions, find out what Procore can do to help. This complete project management package can help your company utilize cloud computing capabilities and streamline operations. ZenTek’s services can make this platform even more valuable.


ZenTek Consultants provides sales, service, and training for multiple industry software platforms, including those for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing fields. They aim to provide and implement innovative software solutions to companies in the United States and Canada.


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