Why You Need A Debt Defense Lawyer For Your Case

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Why You Need A Debt Defense Lawyer For Your Case

No one should ignore a creditor who files a lawsuit. If you simply pretend the situation will resolve itself when a creditor sues you, the creditor will almost certainly obtain a default judgment against you, ensuring you legally owe the money they are seeking. When this happens, the creditor might add on additional fees, such as legal fees.

That’s not to say you should attempt to defend yourself in these circumstances. Even if you have genuine reason to believe you don’t owe the money for which a creditor is suing you, proving the creditor is in the wrong may be a complex task.

You’re typically better off hiring a debt defense attorney to handle your case. The following overview will help you appreciate the potential advantages of doing so.

How a Debt Defense Attorney Could Defend You

Every case is unique. A qualified debt defense lawyer will review the details of your case to determine what the proper defense strategy may be.

The following are merely some of the common defenses lawyers employ when representing clients like yourself. They illustrate how an attorney may stand up for your rights when a creditor files a lawsuit.

Your lawyer could:

  • Show that the statute of limitations deadline passed before the creditor took legal action
  • Demonstrate that a creditor has failed to provide the necessary documentation proving you owe the money they are pursuing
  • Help you gather evidence showing you have paid the debt
  • Show that the amount of money the creditor is seeking is incorrect

Again, that isn’t an exhaustive list of all the potential ways a debt defense attorney could approach your case. When considering their options, your lawyer can answer any questions you may have about their proposed strategy.

A Debt Defense Attorney Helps You Manage A Stressful Situation

You may experience significant stress and anxiety when a creditor is pursuing a debt. Depending on how persistent they are, this stress could affect everything from your work performance to your health.

Consider this another reason to discuss your case with a debt defense lawyer. If you hire one, they could manage all correspondence with the creditor and other such parties who may be involved in your case.

A lawyer could also assist you with such tasks as drafting and submitting an answer to a debt collection lawsuit. Such assistance unburdens you, allowing you to focus on other priorities while your lawyer handles your case.

A Reputable Debt Defense Attorney Will Review Your Case for Free

There is virtually no reason not to at least schedule a consultation with a debt defense attorney when a creditor is suing you. Most debt defense lawyers will review your case for free. At the end of a consultation, you do not have to hire a lawyer if you decide they lack the qualifications or experience necessary to represent you.

Discussing your case with an attorney involves no financial risk on your part. Instead, it gives you the opportunity to learn more about your potential legal options. 

That’s key. When a creditor sues you, understanding your options and rights can prevent you from making a mistake, such as ignoring a creditor or paying them money you don’t actually owe.

A Debt Defense Attorney Helps You Navigate a Tricky Situation

Being the target of a creditor’s lawsuit is never a pleasant experience. However, with the help of an attorney, it can certainly be a manageable one.

Has a creditor recently filed a lawsuit against you? Strongly consider getting in touch with an attorney if so. A professional’s guidance could play a major role in your case’s outcome.

Benjamin Trotter of Debt Legal Defense offers debt defense services to clients throughout the Greater San Antonio area.

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