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Communicating Nonprofit Success Through Board Reports

A nonprofit organization’s executive team prepares and sends a board report to the board of directors before a board meeting or at other regular intervals. A board report is a concise summary of the nonprofit entity’s financial status, overall performance, strategic initiatives, and risks. Such reports are a first-line communication tool between the management team […]


Empowering YOUR Workforce: The Key to Competitive Edge & Sustainable Success

How can organizations unleash their potential and gain a competitive edge in today’s cutthroat business environment? The answer lies within their workforce. Statistics reveal that engaged employees are 17% more productive and have a 41% lower turnover rate than their disengaged counterparts. True North Collaboration understands the significance of employee engagement and firmly believes that […]


Fulfillment Over Exhaustion: Alex Schlinsky’s Strategies for a Thriving Life in Entrepreneurship

The Perils of Unceasing Pursuit In the entrepreneurial sphere, the relentless pursuit of success often becomes a double-edged sword. Alex Schlinsky, in his “The ANTI-Hustler’s Handbook,” addresses the critical need for a transformative approach where personal fulfillment is prioritized over constant exhaustion. His insights stem from his own experiences, emphasizing the dangers of a perpetual […]


From Zero to Millions: The Inspirational Journey of 27-Year-Old CEO James Jiang who is taking over the Credit and E-commerce Automation Industry

In the world of financial empowerment, where credit repair and e-commerce are rapidly evolving industries, one name stands out as a beacon of hope and reliability – James Jiang. With a passion for helping people unlock the true potential of their credit and navigate the intricate realm of passive income, James Jiang has earned his […]


Eleven Competencies You Should Expect from Your Business Broker When Selling Your Business

When selling your business, working with a competent and reliable business broker can significantly ease the process and increase the likelihood of a successful sale at the best possible price and terms. According to Eric Gall, founder and licensed broker of Edison Business Advisors, here are eleven competencies you should expect from your business broker:   […]

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