Beyond Transparency: Your Guide to the Best Window Cleaning Soaps

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Beyond Transparency: Your Guide to the Best Window Cleaning Soaps

Finding a great window soap can ensure that you keep your home’s windows attractive without leaving behind streaks, stains, or other problems. There are several things you need to consider if you’re interested in buying window soaps, including which brands and cleaning options make the most sense for you. In this guide, you’ll learn which soap is right for you and much more!


Picking the Best Window Cleaning Soap


Before choosing a window cleaning soap, it’s important to understand a few basic factors that can make your choice easier. These include things like:


  • Solution cost
  • The delivery method
  • Potential residue concerns
  • Availability near you
  • Window types
  • Other potential uses


These factors will vary heavily based on your home and your windows. For instance, you might need specialized solutions if you have tinted windows or if you plan on using power cleaners.


Thankfully, there should be more than enough options available for you!


The Best 5 Window Cleaning Soaps for Your Needs


We checked out and tried several excellent window cleaning soaps and believe the following options are the best choices on the market today. Read through each mini-review below to learn more about what each has to offer and the unique benefits that they provide you.


  1. Dazzle-100

Dazzle-100 is a highly concentrated solution that leaves behind minimal residue or film. That makes it a great option for many homeowners. Note that the concentrated formula means it comes in a smaller container and that you have to use it at a smaller level. It can be used with paper towels, squeegees, and other types of simple hand-based cleaning methods.


  1. The Moerman Squeeze Deluxe Window Soap

This highly concentrated window cleaner is applied directly to your washer sleeve, meaning you don’t have to dilute it with water in a bucket. That minimizes messy spills and also makes it easier to apply directly to your windows. Note that you need to use a small amount to clean your windows. Even a cap of this cleaning solution is likely enough to help your windows.


  1. Glass Gleam 4 Window Cleaning Concentrate

Glass Gleam 4 is designed to be used with a squeegee and uses several degreasers and detergents to break apart stains and leave behind minimal residue or streaks. You can also use it for automotive cleaning to break apart some minor grease stains, which gives it multiple potential uses. Note that it also works in windshield wiper fluid takes, as well.


  1. Winsol Windows-120

Designed for mirrors, windows, and glass, Winsol Windows-120 is a window cleaning solution that uses a biodegradable mixture that can help remove oil, grease, and grime quickly and easily. It works by surrounding and breaking apart these items to convert them into an easy-to-clean solution. It’s strongly suggested for windows with heavy stains, particularly in more industrial or commercial regions, particularly auto shops, manufacturing firms, or areas with heavy pollution.


  1. The Unger Easy Glide Glass Cleaner

Once known as Pro Formula, this liquid window cleaner creates a very smooth glass surface that should keep your home’s windows looking great. Simply spray on the surface and wipe away carefully, moving slowly but evenly to break apart stains and bug residue. Typically, it works best with paper towels and can be wiped up quickly and efficiently.


Alternatives to Window Cleaning Soaps


If you can’t find the window cleaning soaps mentioned above, there are a few alternative options you can consider here. For example, general ammonia can work well when cleaning windows. In fact, most window-cleaning soaps should have some in them already! However, if you already have some ammonia in your home, you can dilute it with water to clean windows.


Just make sure that you keep kids and pets away from the area and ventilate it by opening windows. Ammonia fumes can be disorienting and even dangerous and might cause poisoning risks if inhaled too heavily. You should also avoid using ammonia on tinted windows because it can damage or even remove the tint and leave your windows looking pretty rough.


In a pinch, you can also use dish soap as long as you dilute it a little with some water! This option should only be attempted if you don’t have window cleaning soaps or ammonia available. That’s because they tend to leave behind a little residue and streaks if you use them too heavily. Thankfully, these can be easily removed if you do end up using normal window cleaning soaps.


Make the Smart Choice


While you can try the alternatives listed in the last section, we strongly suggest that you just buy one or more of the window cleaning solutions on this list to minimize any concerns. Dazzle-100 is perhaps the best option, though Glass Gleam 4 is a great choice if you plan on using a squeegee. Ultimately, the best option is up to you and our specific needs! So make sure you carefully do your research, try out a few different options, and stick with whatever works the best for your window’s needs.



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